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Scheduling for Contractors

"Control is the key to finishing a job on time and on budget." -Eric Unger president, Scheduling Systems

A far better approach toward CPM Scheduling is for the owner to employ scheduling services during the pre construction phases. The preliminary target schedule can then quickly be modified to reflect the contractor's intent once the Notice of Award is given. Often times this is not the case, and the construction professional is obligated in the bid per the schedule specifications. Did your bid consider the resources needed to meet your schedule? How about phasing, time of year, demographics, specificationss, or supplemental conditions just to mention a few. An effective CPM target schedule does!  The financial success of a project is most often not a function of material, but a function of labor. Labor is a function of time, and this is controlled through effective schedule updating.

After the adoption of the Target schedule, we provide the contractor regular schedule updating through which to manage and control all aspects of the project's related costs, resources, equipment, manpower, delays, quality and safety. We often provide "what-if" scenarios and Fragnets to promote early completion and mitigate delays, but most importantly, we provide honest and objective reporting.

Contractors and Subcontractors can expect:

  • A detailed plan indicating realistic expectations
  • Accountability for all team members
  • Resource management
  • Cost Reporting and SOV support and backup
  • Objective analysis as to the project's status
  • Unfiltered and regular narratives, recommendations, and reporting
  • RFI Integration and Impact analysis
  • Change Order/Modification integration and professional analysis
  • Subcontractor and Vendor support
  • Reduced exposure to litigation