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Scheduling for Owners

"It's easy to get players. Getting them to play together is the hard part." -Yogi Berra Longtime New York Yankee catcher


Owners play an important role in the success of their project. It all begins with a need, and the owner is the chief facilitator of funding, schedule, design, contractor selection, contractual obligations, quality, and decision making.  Often times the owner blindly enters this world without a full understanding of the intracacies necessary to reach their goal.  Scheduling Systems has developed and adheres to the concept of "working for the project."  We provide the comprehensive CPM roadmap through which to facilitate, plan, discuss, carryout, and achieve full program expectations (funding through occupancy). Regular updating integrates issues as they arise, are objective, and are not filtered to benefit any one party.  In this manner focus is shifted toward the problem, and timely resolution ensues. Cost and resource modeling are balanced with the need to optimize time and expenitures.


Owners can expect:

  • Project optimization
  • A protective shield
  • A comprehensive and realistic communication plan
  • More accurate and competetive bidding, less RFI's and Change Orders/Modifications
  • Timely problem resolution and mitigated delay managment
  • Cost and Resource optimization, management & Reporting
  • Special in-house need managment, such as phasing, user impact, and accurate communications
  • Reduced exposure to litigation